Model X

Model X is the most innovative Streamatic advertising platform in the world

Equipped with a built-in IPS HD 27” interactive touchscreen and featuring the most advanced programmatic advertising available (including gender and age recognition, camera and Wi-Fi).

Model X comes with a water filter system (steel and sparkling water). It is ideal for use across the public areas of many industries including airports, business centers, shopping malls, conference centers, health and fitness centers, hospitals, hotels, university campuses, etc.

The Media part
Touch screen monitor IPS HD 27″

• Now you can earn a lot more, except impressions, sell clicks, coupons and lead!
• IPS Screen is visible even on the side without any loss of color
• Vertical monitor, allows to divide the screen into three or more video zones

HD Camera

• Determines the sex and age of the user
• Includes the desired clip, depending on the definition of user
• Generate 8 times more profit at the expense of rotations

Stereo speakers

• Sound heightens the experience of the video

Wi-Fi / 3G modem

• Allows remote control screen
• Allows for communication between the smartphones/personal computers of the consumers

Computer & Soft

• Manage media content
• Construction of advertising campaigns
• Wide range of analytics about users
• Personal office for the advertiser
• Integration with programmatic advertising

The Water part
Sensor buttons

• Cold or room temperature
• Bottle or cup
• Sparkling or still water

Dual cup dispenser

• Cold or room temperature
• Bottle or cup
• Sparkling or still water

Aluminum body

• The dispenser’s body combines the latest in digital trends with practical light alloy-metal

Service door on rails

• Convenient access, no bolts and unnecessary movements

Ice Bank

• If you want your customers to have the coolest water experience


• If you want your customers to have the bubbliest water experience

Filtration system

• Carbon, UF or RO
You can use any – as long as you are meeting the requirements of your region